NU Winter Carnival ready to celebrate the weekend

Norwich University continues to celebrate its authentic tradition of hosting the Winter Carnival this February 10th to the 12th. 

 The Campus Activity Board cooperated with several departments to make this event unforgettable. Students can find posters with a schedule of events and further information throughout campus. This information is also available on A few notable events include Neon Night, Snow Sculpture Contests, Wire Art, Word Cow Scavenger Hunt, and many others. 

The Winter Carnival is a significant event for Norwich and Northfield. 

“It is essential to our campus because winters in Vermont get rough, the seasonal depression kicks in, and many students feel down and isolate themselves. Winter carnival allows people to go outside, have fun, and enjoy their time here, at Norwich,” said Rodion Pedyuk, 20, a sophomore cadet CSIA major from Ukraine. 

“Winter Carnival is a long tradition of our institution.” Rodion remarks.  

 A large percentage of student clubs are involved in the celebration. Among the clubs, visitors can stop by the ‘’Norwich Lens’’, ‘’Slavic Club’’, ‘’Chinese Club’’ and many others.  

 The Winter Carnival is an excellent opportunity to fundraise for student clubs and to get free prizes and food. “CAB is working with Good Measure to have free food at the Neon Night event as well.” shared Drown in her recent interview. 

 The Club Palooza Market (February 11th, 12-4 p.m. in Plumley Armory) is a chance to support students as they fundraise for their individual clubs,” said Riordan. 

 Funds raised from Club Palooza Market provide financial support for student clubs’ local initiatives, such as club sports games and competitions, travel for events and club outings, club programs, and projects of the student clubs. 

Rodion believes that we need more such events as Winter Carnival. ”It will enrich our experience as students, make us happier, and help local vendors and the university itself. A win-win situation if you ask me.”  

 “At the end of the weekend, my goal is for students to have fun and try something new,  to engage in events hosted by Campus Activities Board (CAB), and maybe join a new club.” shared Crystal. 

 “The Winter Carnival is a great way for someone at the University or in the community to get out and get involved through multiple different events, such as the Club Palooza Market,” said Sydney Riordan, 22, a senior cadet, Criminal Justice major from New Lenox, Illinois. 

 ‘’Winter Carnival is one of the biggest multi-day events held on campus that involves multiple different departments: CAB, Shaw Outdoor Center, Student Clubs, Center of Civic Engagement, and Counseling and Wellness Center, and others,” said Riordan.  

 Having all these departments shows that we are one campus no matter what lifestyle we live.’’ 

 The Guidon is happy to announce that our team will host a table on Saturday from 12-4 p.m. at Plumley Armory.