Editorial: Lack of diversity, representation on campus deserve more attention

It is vital to remember that not everyone comes from the same background, and it is important to celebrate everyone’s background.


For the three years I have attended Norwich University, I have been given the opportunity to take part in some remarkable experiences. Through Norwich, I have not only attended conferences and conducted in-depth research in a subject I am passionate about, but I have had the opportunity to make new connections, contracted into the Armed Service, and even attended flight school. For this, I am forever grateful.

However, as one of the few students of South Asian descent, I am constantly aware of the lack of diversity and representation here on campus. While I applaud the efforts of the school to engage the student body, the activities hosted day in and day out are almost entirely based on the identity of the majority. While these events are undoubtedly important, it is vital to remember not everyone comes from the same background, and it is important to celebrate everyone’s background.

Throughout my time here I have had the privilege to lead multiple organizations where I am the voice for equal representation, yet ironically I find myself somehow forgetting my own roots. While I certainly cannot speak for all students, I would hypothesize that all students, regardless of ethnic or cultural background, want Norwich to feel at home and appreciate when their respective culture gets celebrated.

This past weekend, the Intercultural Students Organization did an outstanding job hosting Holi. Holi is the festival of colors and celebrates the arrival of spring. Originally practiced by Hindus in honor of the god Radha and Krishna, the holiday is now much more secular and is celebrated by people throughout Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, regardless of religious background.

Music, dance, and laughter filled the Shaw Center, leaving the base of the mountain in a joyous tone. Even students who do not celebrate and were previously unfamiliar with the holiday or its customs came to enjoy the gathering. Performances ranging from Bhangra to Zapateado, a beautiful blend of cultures, came together to celebrate the dawn of spring. Classmates I have never seen are now unforgettable because of the good time we shared. It was a celebration that brought students from all dimensions of our student body: cadets, civilians, and even commuters all came on a cold day to warm up the ambiance with love and welcomes.

This is my Norwich University, my home that showcases the many who attend. Engraved in stone in the university cemetery high above the school are the now famous words that mean so much to so many here: “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills.” This past weekend, in the same hills that display the alluring foliage in the fall, majestic white snow in the winter, and flourishing green forest in the summer, we bathed in bright and joyous hues of spring. For this, I applaud the efforts of the university to put this event on and look forward to future events to celebrate the diverse and unique cultures of all those who call Norwich home.