Live from Norwich; it’s the Dog River Radio!

Live from Norwich; it’s the Dog River Radio!

Since 1967, WNUB 88.3 FM has been playing from campus, staffed by Norwich students. The station boosts its comprehensive coverage ranging from live sporting events to music to providing news updates.   

 According to its stated goal, the station “…provides a training ground for Communication students interested in pursuing careers in radio broadcasting and audio production.”   

Jimmy Luong, a Senior Communications student from Atlantic City, New Jersey, also acknowledges the benefit for students: “WNUB offers projects to help students evolve with their radio experience.”  

Jimmy shared those opportunities like the aforementioned is “…what makes WNUB special.”   

After listening to the station, the author can approve the high-quality station, which appears more professional than any campus radio.   

Faculty Advisor Dr. Doug Smith speaks highly about the mission of the operation. While speaking to The Guidon, he highlighted how the station serves the public: “Offering a wide variety of entertainment, informational, and educational programming to the listening audience.”  

Dr. Smith notes that the station bridges the gap between Norwich and Northfield by providing a service to the entire community, students and townspeople alike.   

Furthermore, he states, “Currently, we have two community members on the air each week.” Student-community member interactions only strengthen the relationship, showing how invaluable programs like Dog River Radio are.    

Interested in listening to Dog River Radio? There are several ways to achieve this: 

  • Telling Alexa or Google to “play WUNB/Dog River Radio.” 
  • Using the link here. 
  • Turning your radio to 88.3 FM.