Regimental Band shows excitement for Senior Sendoff spring concert

The Norwich University band’s senior class gives their final performance of the year this upcoming Saturday afternoon, April 15th, 1400, to an audience in the White Chapel. The historic band has been a cornerstone of the university’s music program for over a century.

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Douglas Arnold Thornton, head of the regimental band and assistant commandant for Provisional Battalion, says: “This is a really hard program, but the members have shown there up to the task. I’d like to have a difficult piece in the second half as a sort of salute and send-off to my hard-working seniors.”

The band practicing in the White Chapel’s Band Hall

Despite the bittersweet occasion, the band members wish to give an unforgettable performance, showcasing the hours of dedication and hard work they had put into their craft.

The concert featured a diverse range of musical styles, from classical symphonies to modern pop hits.

Many alumni of the band are likely to be in attendance, having traveled from across the country to witness the end-of-the-year performance of an institution that had played a significant role in their lives.

LTC Douglas mentions, “There will be a lot of difficult pieces, but the band has the skills to play them.”

Corporal (CPL) Megan Juhola from Brooklyn, Connecticut, class of 2025, a sophomore in the mechanical engineering program, speaks eagerly on the bands’ behalf as one of the section leaders: “There’s always nerves, but we’ve practiced and put the work in, and I’m excited to do well.”

c/Megan Juhola and c/Yoskhar Nieves


CPL Yoskhar Nieves from Erie, Pennsylvania, class of 2025, a sophomore in the biology program, has high hope as the other section leader: “The band has improved and grown with its performances, and they are ready to rock and roll.”

The Norwich University band may be ending for the seniors, but its legacy will live on through the freshmen and sophomores, and experiences of its members, and the impact it had on the university community.


The university is committed to continuing its strong music program and creating new opportunities for students to develop their musical talents.