Rook class of 2026 gets ‘recognized’


On December 4th, 2022, the Rook Class of 2026 was officially recognized as the newest members of the Norwich Corps of Cadets.

For their year, being recognized is their most significant achievement and is considered their first milestone in their time with the Corps of Cadets. The first-year students met all standards required of them as cadets of Norwich University Corps.

They had to work together to pass the NU Physical Fitness Test, experience a regimental room inspection, and be knowledgeable of all Rookie Knowledge taught to them by their cadre. Not only do they have to meet these criteria, but they must show an understanding of the Norwich Mission, the Guiding Values, the Cadets Creed, military customs/courtesies, and Norwich’s history.

At precisely 1830, the Norwich Artillery Battalion fired the cannon, signifying the start of the ceremony. Rooks, by their cadre, rushed to dress in their Super Winter Bs. After being inspected, the recruits formed outside their assigned barracks, shouting the knowledge they were taught throughout the semester.

Led by their cadre and carried by a cadence performed by Pipes and Drums, the platoons marched silently down to Plumley Armory. At 1915, the Regimental Commander c/COL Ryan Cranston, class of 2023, officially indoctrinated the recruits as the newest members of the Corps of Cadets. What happens during Recognition will remain a secret as it is tradition, but graduated cadets and students will share the memories of this night through stories in years to come.