Norwich University hosts holiday dinner


Norwich highlights the importance of traditions by holding the annual holiday dinner.  

 The holiday dinner started about thirty-one years ago with Joseph Sabol, former Norwich football coach, who saw this as an opportunity to give back to students. According to Martha Franklin, General manager of Sodexo, the holiday dinner became a long-standing tradition due to the efforts of students and staff. 

 The Abare Family contributed two trees annually to the dining hall for Sodexo to lift the holiday spirit. This year, Sodexo has decided to implement festive music and decorations for all to feel more at home.  

 Annually, the Norwich staff, such as President Anarumo, Athletic directors, Rev. Wick, Frank Vanecek, and many more staff members, voluntarily serves the student’s food. It was a way to show their thankfulness and as a method of reconnection between staff and students. 

  “It is a chance for everyone to forget rank, corps, responsibilities, and just be family, to get together around food,” stated Rev Wick, University Chaplain. The school has always been built on service, “not just as a job, but as a lifestyle. The best form of leadership is to serve.” We are only here because the students are the ones that allowed us to do so.  

 The holiday dinner is one of the rare moments for students to have a one-on-one connection with the staff. Garrett Hanna, Freshman Corps of Cadets, states, “I was really surprised to see the staff there, it wasn’t what I was expecting, and this time there wasn’t any wait time for my food.” Sodexo increased their game for the holiday dinner, making sure the many varieties of desserts, drinks, and food variety are present for all nutritional and dietary needs.