Love of art, design inspires NU sophomore

Welcome to our first-ever Sunday Student Spotlight, where The Guidon will showcase a student chosen by our staff every week.


Here is our first student of 2023!  

Emma L. Hutchinson is a sophomore Architecture student who is also minoring in Art. She selected both areas of study to find a career that reflects her love of art and design. Emma is from Windsor, Maine, located right outside the state’s capital: Augusta.  

As a civilian student who lives on campus, she has easy access to the many clubs and extracurriculars she is involved with. Emma can be found skiing with the Ski Club and a part of the Billiards Club. She is the secretary of the Yarn Club, the President of the American Institutes of Architecture Students (aka. AIAS), and currently the Super Smash Bros Ultimate E-Sports team captain. These are also ways Emma practices to help deal with college life and its never-ending stresses. 

What a loaded plate!  

In her recent interview, Hutchinson expresses: “Norwich has provided me with opportunities to meet great friends and join many groups that I may never have put myself out enough to meet if I were in a different environment.”  

After graduating with the class of 2025, Emma hopes to work in residential architecture.  

We’re rooting for you, Emma!  

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