Tis The Time of the Year

Tis The Time of the Year

Tis the time of the Year… 

As Christmas draws near, so does the moment that no one can escape. FINALS, END OF THE SEMESTER PROJECTS, etc.!! The stress and the feeling of helplessness just builds up.  

Do not worry. There are numerous amounts of ways to negate this emotion. However, controlling stress comes first from understanding and acknowledging it.  

Stress is the body’s response to the lack of control of a situation. The nervous system is triggered, and hormones are released to increase heart rate and blood pressure. This causes a Flight or Fight response that is unique to every individual. 

However, stress can be divided into two types: Good and Bad stress. Good stresses are manageable and short-term. The effects of this type of stress initiate motivation by pumping adrenaline and dopamine hormones. Bad stress is succumbing to pressure and could lead to long-term health problems such as lack of sleep, physical side effects, etc.  

To avoid negatively-impactful stress, the most effective way is to eliminate the source of pressure. With the upcoming wave of finals, looking ahead at deadlines and creating smaller deadlines in between will help eliminate the workload. Seeking academic assistance from your peers, academic teachers, and campus assistance will also provide the confidence to take on the challenge.  

Norwich University has a variety of options for students to succeed in academics. There are professors, academic centers, and peer tutors available on campus to help review and assist with assignments.  

Attached are several options available to students throughout the year.